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Testimonial from Augusta Health in Fishersville
"Dr. Pou joined our staff at a time when we had no official gastroenterology service, and since his arrival, has been involved in the development of the GI service as well as setting a reputation for quality and excellence that has helped the service grow in referrals." ∼ JP Mangun, VP, Augusta Health, Fishersville VA

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Javier A. Pou, MD recognized by leading gastrointestinal medical society for eduction achievement

Through our investment in training and technology, we are dedicated to providing the best environment for preventative and corrective procedures. Hear directly from our patients. The most recent testimonials are on top.

"5 stars" ∼ Jeff, September 2022

"I was given exceptional care as a patient at Shendandoah Valley Gastroenterology. From my office visits during the weekday, to procedures on Saturday or Sunday, Dr. Pou and his staff provided me with professional care that was first class. Dr. Pou's approachable style of patient first radiates in every step of the process. I can't recommend SVGastro highly enough! Thanks to all." ∼ Bruce, September 2022

"Professional, quick, and efficient and so so nice!" ∼ Sherry, September 2022

"Dr Pou and all the staff are very professional, timely and caring. Would recommend." ∼ Trudy, August 2022

"Dr. Pou has been my GI guy now for several years. His practice has been a real blessing, as I hate hospitals and medical procedures. He can do my colonoscopies and endoscopies right there in his sparkling clean office. No RMH or Augusta hospitals. His staff is caring and efficient and they take care of all the Medicare and Plan G billing without hassle. Dr. Pou is caring and patient and has a great sense of humor about otherwise humorless medical procedures. He listens when I talk and is willing when he does not know everything to send me to UVA for a rare condition that I have. Thanks Dr. Pou and his staff!" ∼ Anne, July 2022, Via Google

"I was super impressed with how welcoming the staff were here. Dr. Pou was super friendly and took his time with me. I didn’t feel like “just another patient” like I do at other offices. I had to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy done which triggered some anxiety. The staff were super understanding and really helped me feel at ease. I felt like they genuinely cared. They treated me as if I was family which is super important to me when seeking care. Highly recommend going to this office!" ∼ Erika, July 2022, Via Google

"Went in for a upper GI this morning ... early!!! I love the fact that they start things early. The staff was on point, very efficient, and all so friendly. Easy recovery and on my way!!!!" ∼ Stephanie, July 2022, Via Google

"The staff they have make you feel like you are family!! Highly recommend Dr. Poe!! Been going to him for 5 years and I also love the way he takes the time to explain and answer any questions you have." ∼ Cheri, May 2022, Via Google

"I have been seeking treatment at this office and they are all great. Dr. Pou is very professional and does a great job with his patients. Dr. Pou is very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend!!" ∼ Debi, May 2021, Via Google

"I am a 30 year old, active male who was referred to Dr. Pou by my GP due to bloody stool, weight loss and bowel changes. I have had a heck of a year dealing with multiple chronic illnesses, including receiving a diagnosis of a Connective Tissue Disease. The last thing I wanted (or felt priority) to do, was make time for another illness! Dr. Pou was transparent, honest, and QUICK to get to the root of the issue. Even after removing a 2 cm Sessile polyp w/ apparent dysplasia the day of the procedure, I had no idea how close to cancer I was. Then the biopsy returned and showed I was already walking with it! I was walking, in a sense - no matter how early the stage - on borrowed time. I don't know what would have been if my wife didn't urge me in my stubbornness to get checked out, but I know Dr. Pou's job would have been a lot more difficult I chalked up the bloody stools to hemorrhoids, the weight loss to my connective tissue disease, and my bowel changes to one too many bourbons. The signs don't have to be obvious. I will forever be an advocate, not just for my health, but for your privilege of access to health care and preventative screenings." ∼ Jon, November 2021, Via Google

"I have been seeking treatment at this office and they are all great. Dr. Pou is very professional and does a great job with his patients. Dr. Pou is very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend!!" ∼ Debi, May 2021, Via Google

"I was referred here by my primary physician. The friendliness of the staff is great! Having just experienced my first colonoscopy, I have to say it went much better than what I had dreaded. I would recommend this practice without hesitation!" ∼ Tyler, February 2021, Via Google

"Very kind, compassionate, professional and must importantly competent! Thank you." ∼ Carlyle, January 2021, Via Google

"I have been a patient with Dr. Poe for over 5 years. I have very good services available in my hometown, but travel 70 miles to his office. He and his staff are wonderful … very caring and professional. I would recommend his services to everyone in need of Gastroenterology care." ∼ Dan, November 2020, Via Google

"I was referred to Dr. Pou by Sherry Mongold, NP, who highly recommended him. I must say I agree! From the very first phone call, to leaving my procedure, I cannot sing enough high praises! Everyone was polite, helpful, informative, fun, professional, caring, and the list goes on. I could also detect a strong sense of teamwork, which makes the dream work! That is so very important in any situation, especially in the medical field, as that is where I have been for the last 42 years; so I have seen a lot! I also had a follow-up visit (via Telehealth) and it was extremely user friendly and as if I were right there in the clinic. I have already recommended Dr. Pou and will continue to do so! Keep up the good work! Thank you for everything!" ∼ Cindy, October 2020, Via Google and Facebook

"As a new patient, they could not have been more gracious to my needs. My health was all over the place and they conducted everything that needed to be done along with telehealth conferences in such a quick amount of time. Dr Pou not only knows what he is doing; he is just a soft, kind person in combination with honesty. His staff are just such a delight. I laugh and have a good time going in there regardless of the procedure I am about to undertake. The level of making patients feel comfortable is unrivaled. And I have been to Winchester GI, Harrisonburg GI, and Nantucket. I am glad I am a patient here." ∼ Crystal, September 2020, Via Google

"Dr. Pou and his staff are excellent! It is stressful going to the doctors in general, humor is a great way to settle and there is no shortage! I had been suffering for over ten years from erosive gastritis. Several doctors over the years didn't listen to me and had different opinions. Dr. Pou not only listened but attacked my issue head on and went above and beyond. Over the past 2 years a treatment plan has been developed that has improved my health tremendously. Thank you!" ∼ Matthew, August 2020, Via Facebook

"Had 2 different procedures done and both times every single person I came in contact with was very friendly and very welcoming. I felt very relaxed and was never scared or nervous about the procedure I was having done. This was my first time every being put under with Anesthesia and they made it all so easy. I would highly recommend Dr. Pou & his staff for any GI concerns you may have. Thanks Dr.Pou and all your staff for making my experience a great one." ∼ Darlene, June 2020, Via Facebook

"The staff was awesome. Dr Pou and the anesthesiologist were great and leave you feeling comfortable and confident. Thanks Dr. Pou and staff." ∼ Davis, February 2020, Via Facebook

"When I first went for my visit, not knowing if they could help, I was treated like I was the only patient there. Dr. Pou talked to me and explained the procedure that was going to be done. Trina, his nurse is super sweet, loves to joke with you to make you feel at ease. She checks and double checks on you to make sure that you are comfortable. Nicole, she is also super sweet and makes sure you understand the paperwork and helps out by making sure your appointments work with your hectic work schedule. I'd recommend this office to anyone. Thanks!!!" ∼ Tonya, February 2020, Via Facebook

"My wife and I have been using Dr. Pou for years. We love the “family” atmosphere and friendly staff. Professionals are top of the line, and take time to ease fears and answer questions. You leave the procedure with a complete analysis and pictures, as well as a copy of the report to your primary care person. In and out in 60-90 minutes with no sterile gurneys and anonymous hospital hallways, different faces every time you go in. High quality professional care with relaxed, patient-centered atmosphere. Rediscover a doctor patient relationship!" ∼ Lew, September 2019, Via Google

"Great experience! To think I was apprehensive. Staff are professional, skilled with great bedside manner." ∼ Teresa, September 2019, Via Google

"Five stars!" ∼ Maria, September 2019, Via Google

"I'm not a person to typically post reviews but after my experiences at Shenandoah Valley Gastroenterology, I felt compelled to let anyone in need of a GI doc that this is the place you want to be. Dr Pou and his staff are absolutely wonderful. I had been spent 8 hours at a local hospital ER for intense stomach pain with back spasms only to be sent home and told to do an enema and drink Metamucil. The pain continued for a couple days so i decided to call Dr Pou's office. Nicole got me in to see Dr Pou that day and I was scheduled for an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. Dr Pou's nurse Trina went over my procedure and made everything totally stress free! I had a stomach ulcer, erosive gastritis, and had to have my esophagus dilated due to acid reflux damage. Dr Pou treated my issues and 3 months later I'm doing so much better! This office is top notch from the front to the back. And so much more comfortable being in a more intimate environment than the hospital. Very highly recommend them!!!! Thank you all for helping me!" ∼ Carrie, September 2019, Via Facebook

"Dr. Pou is the best! He is very gentle and non-invasive. His staff is very kind, professional, helpful and understanding. I've had several visits. The prep is much better than I had elsewhere. Don't put it off, prevent Collorectal cancer; it is a fatal disease. Dr. Pou and his staff care, and you should too." ∼ Betty, September 2019, Via Google

"Five stars!" ∼ Samuel, July 2019, Via Google

"Dr. Pou is the best! I highly recommend you see him and don't wait to be screened. He and his staff truly care about each patient!" ∼ Patricia, July 2019, Via Google and Facebook

"Great ability to connect to the patient." ∼ Chris, May 2019, Via Google

"Efficient, thorough, friendly. Dr. Pou is knowledgeable and followed up nicely with all my treatments. Dr. Dean says thank you." ∼ Edith, April 2019, Via Google

"I very, very highly recommend Dr. Pou and his staff. He literally saved my 82 year old mother's life by determining what was causing her 4-month long severe bout of diarrhea that was getting worse and worse, to the point that she had lost 20+ pounds! I was watching my mother waste away before my eyes and her regular GP just didn't have any answers. They referred us to Dr. Pou and it didn't take him long at all to determine that the cause of it was her blood pressure medication! She was taking benicar and he said it was not well-known but that this medication could cause this effect in some people. As soon as her doctor took her off it and put her on another, my mother started to improve instantly! He also treated her for ulcers, a colonoscopy, and hemorrhoid removal and all has been a great success! He is very patient, kind, and caring and treats you as if you are the only patient he has for the day. He really listens and has offered spot-on diagnoses and advice for a myriad of problems my mom has had. His staff are so friendly and caring. I would recommend this doctor to anyone. He is the best of the best and my mother and I couldn't be happier with her treatment under him." ∼ Sandi, March 2019, Via Google

"I would encourage people to come to Shenandoah Valley Gastroenterology. Dr. Pou is very helpful and caring with a friendly staff. Two thumbs up." ∼ Peggy, March 2019, Via Google

"I am so glad that I went to Dr. Pou for my endoscopy and colonoscopy. He and his staff were wonderful, caring and kind. They made me feel very relaxed and comforted. I don't change doctors easily but Dr. Pou is terrific as is his staff and I would highly recommend them to everyone." ∼ Angie, January 2019, Via Google

"I was impressed with how quickly my procedure was scheduled and completed. No wait. Great staff who cared about each patient!" ∼ Wendy, January 2019, Via Facebook

"Very nice and professional. Dr. Pou seems very knowledgeable and treats you as his only patient when he is with you. He answers your questions and doesn't rush you in and out like many doctors do. I highly recommend Shenandoah Valley Gastroenterology for your colonoscopy and all of your gastro needs." ∼ K.A., December 2018, Via Google

"Have seen Dr. Pou several times. He and his staff are some of the nicest people I have ever met! Dr. Pou is professional and very caring about my concerns. His staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I always tell friends and others, that if they need a Gastroenterologist, to see Dr. Pou. Dr. Pou, "Thank You" for being there!! Staff, "Thank You", for being there as well! All of you are a definite asset to the medical profession." ∼ Wanda, October 2018, Via Google

"I've had some health issues and had went to several doctors but my first visit he knew what my issues were, I had to have a endoscopy and colonoscopy to confirm but each time I was there Dr Pou and his staff were very professional, nice and they went out of their way to comfort you on the procedures (which were so easy). You may have to wait sometimes since but it's worth it and I'd suggest to anyone to always get the first appointment if you can for a endoscopy or colonoscopy, cause no one's colon is the same and it may take longer with some patients than others hence the wait. I'd highly recommend Dr Pou." ∼ Jill, August 2018, Via Google

"(Translated) Dr Pou and his team are excellent. I am very grateful for your services. God bless you. (Original) El Dr Pou y su equipo son excelentes. Estoy muy agradecido de su servicios. Dios les bendiga." ∼ Carlos, April 2018, June 2017, Via Google

"I am very happy I went to Dr Pou. He is a excellent doctor. All the staff were very nice and made me feel comfortable. It is hard to find a doctor that will take time to answer your questions and explain the procedure. I highly recommend him. Thanks Dr Pou." ∼ Carol, March 2018, Via Google

"Dr. Pou is Awesome, extremely knowledgeable and sincere and I Highly recommended him!!! My daughter is a student at JMU, we are from the northern VA area. I took her to two Gastro doctors in Haymarket and Fairfax. They both said the severe pains she was having was just in her head and suggested depression pills. This went on for over a year. Someone suggested I go out of the area, and thankfully I found Dr. Javier Pou in Harrisonburg VA. They got her in for the initial appt right away and the procedure was the next day. He determined she had three ulcers. He promptly started her on medication. We had a follow up procedure to make sure the pills were working properly. After 3 months, her pain went from a 10+ to a solid 5 and as of today she has no more pain! I THANK GOD for Dr. Pou and his WONDERFUL staff! I felt terrible as a mom not being able to help my daughter with her pain because unethical doctors told her it was just in her head and we had no choice but to deal with it. But I'm here to tell you there's always other choices. You may have to travel to find that one ethical doctor, but it's worth it. I found that ethical doctor in Dr. Javier Pou and his staff in Harrisonburg, VA. We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! God Bless You!!" ∼ Lynoria, March 2018, Via Google

"I was able to get in quickly for an initial consultation and schedule a colonoscopy as soon as I wanted one. I was well taken care of for my colonoscopy. They have the 2 day prep down to a science and the procedure itself was quick and painless. If you are hesitating to see a gastroenterologist, don't! Dr. Pou and his staff are great!" ∼ Kim, December 2017, Via Google

"The office and Dr Pou are efficient, caring and generally wonderful. I had a colonscopy and would recommend Dr. Pou to everyone without any hesitation! They were all very professional!" ∼ Deborah, November 2017, Via Facebook

"I have had a wonderful experience at SVGASTRO. Dr. Pou and his team provided me with excellent care, took ample time to talk with me and my family about my prognosis/options, allowed us time/respect to ask questions and provide detailed, understandable answers, and continued to follow-up post-procedures. No long wait times, friendly staff with excellent bedside manner! Not to mention going to an outpatient facility such as SVGASTRO cuts out some of the costly hospital bills without sacrificing quality of care. Would highly recommend this practice for anyone struggling with GI problems or needing routine exams!" ∼ Victoria, August 2017, Via Google

"Very caring environment and they made me feel comfortable." ∼ Tammy, June 2017, Via Facebook

"Just had my colonoscopy done. Very satisfied with my experience with Dr Pou and his staff. I found Dr Pou to be professional, personable and thorough." ∼ Jill, June 2017, Via Google

"Our family has been very pleased with Dr. Pou's quality of care." ∼ Debbie, June 2017, Via Google

"A year ago December I went to Dr. Pou for my first "routine" colonoscopy. I was referred to him by my primary care physician due to my age - no symptoms, but procrastinated scheduling because I wasn't sure if I was comfortable having it done there. For some reason I thought it would be better to have it done in a hospital. Due to a series of events (that I call miracles ;) I finally got it scheduled. Dr. Pou found a tumor that turned out to be stage III colon cancer. I'm so glad I went. It saved my life! Dr. Pou and Nicole worked quickly and efficiently making phone calls and preparing the road I never expected to travel. They were AWESOME! The prep is not bad at all and the procedure itself was a breeze. Don't be afraid to GET YOUR COLONOSCOPY!" ∼ Juanita, January 2017, Via Facebook

"Amazing staff and Dr. Pou is very attentive! Highly recommended this practice!" ∼ Crystal, Via Facebook

"Dr. Pou and his staff are marvelous. I had absolutely no problems with my colonoscopy. Please go and get your colonoscopy - it is so important." ∼ Rebecca, Via Facebook

"My visit to Dr Pou and staff came about unexpectedly. I was referred to Dr. Pou by my sister-in-law who is a Nurse Practitioners at AMC. I was apprehensive however was quite impressed with Dr. Pou and the consultation. Had two procedures there and both were done in a professional, caring manner. After the procedures, Dr. Pou met with me to review the procedure results, blood tests results and ultra sound. Dr. Pou spent 45 minutes reviewing everything extensively with me and often would stop and ask if I understood or had questions. Very thorough, very professional and takes time with his patients. At first I was annoyed at having to wait so long in the waiting room and I mentioned that to Dr. Pou. He made no apologies, just stated "I like to take my time with my patients". And you know what? I like that he takes that kind of time with his patients because I'm one of them! Thank you Dr. Pou and staff." ∼ Karen, Via Facebook

"Excellent care was given to me so I would be made comfortable. Very clean and staff and physician were friendly. I have had two other colonoscopies and they were in no comparison to the service I received at Shenandoah Valley Gastroenterology Center." ∼ Rosetta, Elkton

"I appreciate the extra care to assure my being hydrated before leaving.Everyone is very kind and helpful." ∼ Joseph, Rockingham

"Everyone was very efficient and helpful. I've already recommended Dr. Pou to a friend!" ∼ Anonymous

"Overall things went very well. Was able to leave in a timely manner and not have to stay half a day or so. Very happy with everything." ∼ Vickie, Harrisonburg

"I really liked the office experience compared to hospital. The nurses are so helpful and professional. When someone tells me they need a colonoscopy I always tell them Dr. Pou is THE BEST." ∼ Robert, Stuarts Draft

"I couldn't have had nicer people/staff to care for me." ∼ Loretta, Staunton

"I felt comfortable and well informed both before and after the procedure. Thanks to you all for the great job." ∼ Margaret, Weyers Cave

"Everyone was professional, understanding, and kind. Thank you Dr. Pou and staff." ∼ Anonymous

"Your facility was wonderful, and made me feel very calm, in particular Marie and your wonderful anesthesiologist. I am a nervous person in terms of medical procedures, and your entire team was so professional and calming. Dr. Pou, thank you for your talents and gifts of service to your profession. You have so much to be proud of. " ∼ Jo-Anne, Harrisonburg

"I was very pleased with everything. Your staff does a wonderful job." ∼ Jaunda, Dayton

"Totaly pleased with my experience. Never go anywhere else again." ∼ Carol, Fishersville

"Just a note to thank you (all) for your care and consideration during my 'treatment' at your facility. Many thanks and bless you all." ∼ Rita, Waynesboro

"I was very pleased with the whole experience, with Dr. Pou and the staff. Your instructions were very thorough. Thank you very much." ∼ Betty, Grottoes

"I was very impressed with the staff. The staff was very kind, helpful and understanding. I had an awesome visit with Dr. Pou who was very thorough and kind." ∼ Brenda, Waynesboro

"The Shenandoah Valley Gastroenterology Center (Dr. Javier Pou and staff) are very comforting and professional. I highly recommend!" ∼ Sarah, Quicksburg

"I was very very pleased. I arrived a bit nervous and the staff helped me relax. I found the office to be clean and orderly. Very professional. The information provided was very helpful. Thank you for the professional atmosphere and kindness." ∼ William, Waynesboro

"Dr. Pou, you and your entire office staff were very professional and courteous. My wife and I felt completely at ease. Thank you!" ∼ Terry, Penn Laird

"I felt totally comfortable with you! Thank you!" ∼ Brenda, Penn Laird

"Doctor and staff including anesthesiologist were very professional, courteous and helpful. Thank you!" ∼ Steve, Staunton

"I was very worried about having this procedure done in a non-hospital setting. I was amazed by your procedure suite. I was very well taken care before and after my procedure. Particularly in recovery — I woke up feeling great and that's unusual for me. The nurse with me in recovery (she assisted Dr. Pou during my procedure) was very nice, professional and attentive, and very patient with me. I did not feel rushed as I have after other surgeries at the hospital. She was aware how nervous I was in the procedure room and she was very calming to me :) ∼ Anonymous

Dr. Pou … Thank you! You are every bit of what my co-worker had said. Expert, professional, caring, knowledgeable, etc. I would not recommend anyone to have this procedure anywhere EXCEPT Shenandoah Valley Gastroenterology! Your whole team is awesome. Thank you again!" ∼ Jill, Bridgewater

"I was extremely pleased with Dr. Pou. He made me feel very comfortable and exceeded my expectations. His staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful when making my appointment, during patient teaching and ensuring my needs were met. Very impressed!! Kudos!!" ∼ Jo Beth, Buena Vista

"I really appreciated the professionalism and compassionate care. I was impressed that the IV started in my hand was painless. Excellent job! Thank you Dr. Pou and your team." ∼ Ryan, Harrisonburg

"Dr. Pou and his staff were excellent. Everyone was very caring and polite. Thank you so much for making both of my procedures a breeze." ∼ Crystal, Staunton

"The whole staff goes beyond excellence." ∼ Anonymous

"Dr. Pou is very thorough and explains things well. He made me feel comfortable as well. I was very impressed with the photos and report!" ∼ Catherine, Bridgewater

"Dr. Pou made a necessary procedure into an experience that was not unpleasant. His fabulous staff goes the extra mile. I will recommend Shenandoah Valley Gastroenterology to my friends and family. Thank you!" ∼ Angela, Buena Vista

"Dr. Pou seems to care about his patients. That's very rare these days." ∼ Mark, Elkton

"I recently had a colonoscopy at your facility. It was my first such experience, and I was somewhat apprehensive. Dr. Pou and the entire staff were exceptionally pleasant and reassuring and did everything possible to make certain I was comfortable and that I was fully aware of what to expect. The procedure went well, and I was provided utmost care following the procedure." ∼ Robert, Churchville

Bob Corso of WHSV TV3 Interviews Dr. Pou about colonscopy advice

A change to address the unknown — 6 GIs react to U.S. Preventive Services Task Force's recommendation to lower CRC screening age to 45

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force proposed lowering the colorectal cancer screening age to 45 in response to growing early-onset CRC rates. In the news article linked below, six gastroenterologists discuss how the change will affect their practice.

Shenandoah Valley Gastroenterology was the first GI practice to validate the changes in screening colonoscopy to age 45 as seen in an interview of Dr. Pou on WHSV.

Watch Dr. Pou Interview on WHSV Reaction from 6 Gastroenterology Practices

Make an Appointment for a Screening

Do you know how to reduce your risk of colorectal cancer? The risk of getting colorectal cancer increases with age. Colorectal cancer screening saves lives, but many people are not being screened. The first step is yours … contact our office to make an appointment.

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